The Red Rose
October 21, 2019

The Red Rose

Love; a ride to unknown or just full of hue,
Never shown how profound feel about you
A role model in me you have always been,
Through my creativity, all your beauty I have seen.
You came into my heart like a bird from the sky
When my mind was dreaming about you, it’s not a lie.
You asked many questions, those that I did not know
Because it was you when my eyes opened and first saw
Was it you who I used to call at night
When the moonlight appeared very bright.
I tried to come closer and stay so near
And say those words to you without fear.
Whenever I see you walk by,
Just once you could have said hi
But your anger implements your emotions
That makes my heart like an empty ocean.
You have hidden all your complexion like an eclipse,
To me, nothing is comparable to your red rose lips.
Sometimes you look so beautiful, I can only dream,
When you appear in the dawn of the horizon rim.
Sometimes my thoughts need your present,
Besides you, my only love will never resent.
Although I could never forget you and our love,
I am just a lonely bird flying in the sky above
Your eyes perpetrate a glimpse of the unknown,
Yet all your beauty to me you have not shown.
No matter wherever you go my love will be there,
My heart will always follow you with the sky of air.
You have to understand me through my eyes
Or never will you see me until I die.
Within yourself, you have captured all your beauty,
To love you throughout my whole life is my only duty.
Your disappearances cause my heart to fail,
To live, all I need is your love to inhale.
Every stage of my life for you I think,
My life would metamorphose with a blink
If someday my heart calls you, will you stay
Or will you just break my heart and go away.
Just once say with your heart that you deeply love
I will take you to my world, the voluptuous sky above.

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