The far away star
June 7, 2021

The far away star

Throughout your whole life, you have shown the true light
Happiness enjoys implemented your Image at night
At every step, you have corrected the right and wrong
Even in anger you never stop singing a song
You made flowers to listen to your voice
Quietly and gently all day obtain is the rejoice
Why do people live and die
Is this a reality or a dream through my eye
You came here and now you’re gone
Even now you’re not here you are not alone
As we look towards the darkest part of the sky
Why you have turned yourself into a star but why
Is the star talk and will be around
But all I want to say to come on the ground
All done now you are so far away
We can see you in our heart every day
Now you can see us from the space
You have captured our hearts and obtained a place
The more you move away from us too far far
You’ll always be the person who you are
Have you tried to lighten everyone’s hearts
Your own existence will endeavour us to remember your parts

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