The Creation
October 22, 2019

The Creation

Natures character towards humanity is fair and, humanitarian
Nature who obeys to its creator
Who builds this prominent world that gives tears and happiness to his creations
Although life is the only axiom that we have obtained,
Death has never halted to acquire life to fulfil its needs.
Death, an exquisite atrocious beast that humankind has to encounter,
A creation that has been going on since life has begun,
If this was his solution of diversion then why create,
Human contemplation so esoteric, and emotional feeling so extreme.
The repercussion of life is the death that all humankind has to face,
Human being which was the creators’ denouement of life,
With whom he plays the life and death game,
But if he was not the one he is and was one of us,
Then the feelings would appear very emphatic in his heart
Which he would have felt the emotional desolation.
Although his main purpose was to create
A distinct relation between good and evil.
And to measure the strengths between the two,
Which was also a part of this creation.
Due to this complex and creation,
We have to face many different types of stress and losses.
Since we cannot do anything,
In order to obtain something that we want,
Because we are only human beings and doesn’t have.
Control over the creation,
It’s only he, who created the world and the heavens,
In order to gain control of this creation,
We must acquire the vitality and that is the focus.

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