Planet Earth
July 11, 2020

Planet Earth

Planet Earth, humankind’s first natural habitat and place,
A large body holding us in this dark and infinite space.
Its main incentive of creation is to obey its duty,
And to show us all the ugly and the beauty.

Planet Earth, a place which is fully balanced in creations,
And feel gratitude to taste many of its vivid inspirations.
Every year its responsibility is to take us around the sun,
But, I keep on thinking about what happens when it is all done.

Planet Earth, a helpless body and oval-like shape,
One thing we have not yet perceived is what our origination is,
God or Darwin?

Every year we annihilate millions of trees some destroyed in a fire,
Yet we are not realising the pollution in the atmosphere is getting higher.

Planet Earth, for a place which is covered with beautiful nations,
We live in these nations for dreams and imaginations.
We live in a world where life is like a constant straight line,
Sudden changes in nature can leave us all to decline.

Planet Earth, where every human being has a part,
So every one of us should have a promising heart.
Help those people who need some time and space,
So that we can make the world a perfect place.
Let us all collaborate and bring a touch of bliss,
So we can live in a world where there is only peace.

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