Most used AI business frameworks

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There are many artificial intelligence (AI) frameworks available for businesses to use in their operations and decision-making processes. Here are some of the most popular AI business frameworks, along with website links and images:

  1. Lean AI: Lean AI is a framework for building and scaling AI products and services in a customer-centric and data-driven way. It is based on the principles of lean startup and agile development. For more information, visit the Lean AI website.
  1. Design Thinking: Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to problem-solving that involves empathy, prototyping, and iteration. It is often used in the development of AI products and services to ensure that they meet the needs and goals of the end users. For more information, visit the Design Thinking website.
  1. Business Model Canvas: The Business Model Canvas is a visual tool for mapping out and analyzing the key elements of a business model. It can be used to help businesses understand how AI can be integrated into their operations and create value. For more information, visit the Business Model Canvas website.
  1. Six Sigma: Six Sigma is a data-driven approach to problem-solving that aims to eliminate defects and improve efficiency. It can be used to help businesses optimise their use of AI and drive continuous improvement. For more information, visit the Six Sigma website.
  1. Agile: Agile is a framework for managing and delivering projects that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous iteration. It is often used in the development of AI products and services to ensure that they are delivered on time and meet the changing needs of the business. For more information, visit the Agile website.

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